On the current situation: FEAR vs. TRUST

Posted on Jan 7, 2016 in Blog

Dear friends,

I’ve been receiving quite a few e-mails from clients lately telling me about their fears with regards to the current situation in the world and their worries of a possible war among many other things. They’ve been asking me whether they should actually be preparing for such a scenario and how to deal with their anxieties.

Here’s a summary of what their souls have answered:

Our souls want to draw our attention to the fact that most of us are still connected with the mass consciousness and energetic field that surrounds us. Since we are interwoven through it, we are literally absorbing thoughts, anxieties, fears, worries and mental constructs of all the people in it which aren’t actually ours but external energies and thoughts. The media being a transmitter is playing an important role in all this. The spirit world is calm and says that we are being looked after and that we shouldn’t give in to our fears. There is a higher plan in terms of development for us people and for the Earth – this plan does not include a third world war. Even though energetically speaking we are living through times of war because of the ongoing attacks of entities of the lower and dark realms often causing chaos and difficulties in our lives, also this is part of the personal plan which urges us to master certain learning tasks and develop.


Our souls rather want to draw our attention through these anxieties and thoughts to the fact that we are empathic and receptive, hence absorbing all information through the mass consciousness. It is vital for us to free ourselves from it and disconnect energetically as it keeps feeding us with negativity, darkness and fear.

This is not what our souls have intended for us.

Presently it is still about us cleansing and healing ourselves on different levels in order to realign and allow positive changes to come about. They also want to remind us that the changes we are experiencing as a society and its members affect the energetic, emotional and mental field that surrounds us equally, thus creating a new collective consciousness and experience. The memories, traumas, existential fears,  survival anxieties and experiences of each and every member of society flow into these fields and affect us directly. WE’RE ALL CO-CREATING THIS ENERGETIC FIELD AND ARE CONNECTED TO IT.

Therefore it is important to meditate and to free ourselves from this dense black network which the majority of us are still woven into.


For this we may ask our angels, companions on the etheric plane, God/Goddess or other representatives of the light worlds whom we feel connected to, to disconnect us and remove us from this web, the negative mass consciousness and to cleanse us thoroughly from all the information, thoughts, fears, energies and programmes which stem from there and have leaked through to us. It is best to approach this process wholistically and include all of our etheric bodies, mind, soul, subconscious, aura and most of all, our heart, during the cleansing.

Ask to be irrecovably disconnected and removed from this network and protected in order to be enabled to stay in your very own energy. Take your time for this meditation and pay attention to how your heart feels and end the process only when you feel that the darkness is flowing out and you’re feeling light again.


Another possible reason for these present fears may be re-activated karmic memories that stem from lives in which we had experienced war, prosecution, flight and similar situations. Transforming and cleansing ourselves from these past energetic and emotional ties can best be achieved through meditation here as well.


The world we live in is going through a profound change and the higher plan determines this to be a positive one even though it may look and feel like quite the opposite at times. The plan of planet Earth, mankind and all souls is aiming for a positive change. Please do not give in to your fears, worst case scenarios and anxieties and rather try and avoid the news – especially those of you who are very sensitive and empathic – and take care of yourselves in the sense that you are in a good energy, regardless of how the ego will try and make us believe that this is ignorant and foolish.

After all it is our focus that determines how good or bad we feel. Our souls have an overview of everything and advise us to turn to meditations and energetic work, now more than ever!

You may also cleanse your cities, streets, homes and environment regularly with light as by that, the influence of unwanted energies and emotions around you can be minimised and become more pleasant and light.

Conclusion: Do not focus on darkness and emerging fears, but identify the sources and energetically remove yourselves from this web in order to stay in your own energy and have a closer connection to your soul and perceive clear messages and guidance. Revert and go back into trust and use the moments of fear and worries to rid yourselves of them and fundamentally transform the inside. Now is the time.


Thinking of you and wishing you strength & countless positive moments.