Lectures, Workshops & Retreats

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Being trained by the spirit world I have gained a deep understanding and knowledge of the higher realms, and the interaction and effects of those planes with our own one. It is my deepest wish to share this knowledge and the techniques given by the spirit world in order to bring forth healing in all aspects of life, access our own magnificent powers and to pass on an understanding of our interrelation with the higher dimensions and the universal laws that reign these as well as our world, and thereby our own lives, even up to the most seemingly ordinary detail. I want to acquaint people with these laws and an awareness of full responsibility for the events that occur in our lives. I enjoy sharing this knowledge and passing on important information provided by the light worlds to aid our development on a personal as well as on a collective level, and understanding all planes and dimensions of our existence by letting the beings native to those worlds communicate with us so we can learn from them.

More detailed information on the content of the lectures and workshops I offer will be published here soon. If you would like me to hold a lecture, conduct workshops or retreats or have any requests, please feel free to contact me through the contact form on this site.