Posted on Dec 31, 2015 in News

Hello lovely ones,
As we are still amidst the cycle of the magical Twelf Nights following Yule, I’m wishing you a consciously spent and magical time for tonight’s transition into the NEW YEAR. 🙂
I’ll be spending this time of change and TODAY’S 8th NIGHT to withdraw and let go of all burdens and challenges this year has brought in order to make room for something NEW.
Here’s a suggestion for all those among you who’ll be spending this eve withdrawn and away from the usual bustle and noise:
If you prefer having company, surround yourselves with your dearest family, friends and soul family and relax. Burn incense materials (doesn’t matter if it’s incense sticks, frankincense or white sage), cleanse and protect your homes, become still and free yourselves from the energies of everyday life. Then review the past year and assess which of your wishes have come true and in what way the year has challenged you.
Then go into a meditation and create an energy ball in your mind which you fill with all the images and impressions that have stressed and burdened you in the past year. Ask the spirit world or your angels to take that energy ball with all the information it contains from you, to disconnect you from it and transform it. You may also do this process by burning a candle and projecting all that which you wish to get rid off into the flame, thereby giving way to something NEW. Then ask the spirit world or your angels to open your heart chakra and cleanse it with light until it feels light and at ease.
For the second part you may write down a list with all your WISHES & INTENTIONS for the NEW YEAR. Also create a ball of energy and fill it with all your positive visions, wishes and desires and then send it off to the light worlds from where it will go further into the manifestation plane. You can also work with other techniques or means, whatever makes you feel good.
Work intuitively and let your soul guide you so that you create a very personal and individual cleansing and wish ritual fitting your own needs for this TRANSITION and end of the year.
I wish you a wonderful night and a beautiful transition into a HAPPY, HEALTHY, LIGHT-FILLED and POSITIVE YEAR 2016.
Love 🙂nye