Why Faery Queen?

Alya is deeply connected with the elemental beings, the world of faeries, and is often visited by the fey who give her important information which is vital for the relationship of us humans with the elemental world and above all for the good of our planet. The faeries are very versatile and vivid manifestations of Mother Earth and share their ancient knowledge with us if we only if we really listen. It is Alya’s close relationship between her and the faeries and their choosing her as an ambassador for them that led her to choose Faery Queen. Furthermore, she dedicates herself to the messages of the faeries, writing about these in her blog, and is also compiling books on this topic.

Are you a fortune teller?

No, I’m not. I am a soul therapist and medium and I will help you to follow your soul’s way, heal together with you the present and your past in order to have the best possible future. I can tell you what the future would look like from THIS very moment and state of mind that you’re in now. The future is not a fixed scenario though and changes with you. I am using my gift in order to help you but I am not taking your responsibility from you.

How does a reading take place?

You can book a reading via Skype, telephone or email. Face-to-face readings are currently not possible due to my frequent travels. It is your decision how you want the reading to take place.

Does it make a difference whether the reading is done in person or over the internet?

For a reading it doesn’t matter at all where you are geographically. You could be in the same room with me or on the other side of the world. It doesn’t make a difference because I connect with your soul and have a look at the etheric plane where there are no boundaries or distances to overcome. It’s entirely up to you how you want the reading to take place.

What do you do in a reading?

Before anything I protect myself from any unwanted energy which could be drawn to the channel once open. Then I ground myself through Mother Nature and connect with the higher planes and your soul. If you have questions, I pass the question on to your soul and the higher planes from where the answers will come. Your soul and the spirit world reveal answers to your questions which I will reveal and explain to you. Sometimes your angels, spirit guides, souls of people close to you, the Ascended Masters, other light beings or the divine source itself will answer. This way the origin of problems of all kinds can be uncovered and resolved on this plane. We will work on these issues karmically and energetically and thus bring about change, as the state on the etheric plane determines and guides its manifestation on the material plane. What we change above will inevitably change things below on our plane. It doesn’t matter what the question is about, there is always an initial reason and solution with the according information about the real origin of a state or problem. I am receiving all information from the spirit world in my channellings. After the reading I will disconnect from the higher planes and your soul.

What are the higher planes?

When I talk of the higher planes I am referring to the etheric planes, planes which are on a much higher vibration level than our own one, the material plane. You may also call them the higher dimensions. The etheric plane is not just a single plane but it consists of several to which each is home to other light beings. For example the elemental beings don’t live on the same plane as the angels, but of course they interact and communication is always possible. For a reading I connect with the higher planes, as these planes allow me to access the needed information and images to understand the situation in its essence, because everything is saved in these and the spirit world provides higher knowledge to bring forth healing and give all the answers.

Are you using any tools or techniques for the reading?

I don’t use Tarot cards, crystal balls, runes, hypnosis or any other possible techniques of this kind. All I need is the connection with the higher planes and my open channel.

Do I have to tell you something before the reading?

No, in fact I prefer not hearing your story beforehand as during a reading your soul or light beings will give all the information needed to understand the situation and will also give important clues to resolve the matter.

Do I need to prepare anything for the reading?

Other than writing down the questions you want to ask in the order that’s important to you there’s nothing you need to prepare. Given the amount of information during a reading you may want to take something with you to make notes. Also, please be on time for your reading as I may have other clients scheduled after you and will have to end the session punctually.

Is there a specific way that I should phrase the questions, and are there wrong questions?

Not really, but I would advise you to be specific and detailed when asking a question in order to receive an accordingly detailed answer from your soul or the spirit world.

Is it possible to ask about past lives too?

Of course, I can see your past incarnations and will pass on the information your soul finds important to answer your question.

Do the people who I centre my questions around have to be alive?

No, it doesn’t matter whether they’re alive or already among the deceased. The soul is eternal and not bound to a certain time, place or body.

Can I also ask questions about physical conditions?

Yes of course. Before things manifest on the material plane and thus the physical body there’s an origin in the etheric body or karmic wounds which I can see and which can be worked on. I have often had cases where a client had a specific problem and through energetic work we were able to remove the problem. For example, once a client complained about a severe and sharp pain in the back and asked me whether I could see why. I had a look and saw a karmic wound and in fact the dagger which caused the injury in a past incarnation still stuck in the energetic body at the exact same position where the client felt the pain. I then asked the client to help visualise and ask Archangel Raphael to remove it gently and sending in white light and to heal the area. I “pulled” the dagger out in a short hand movement and also sent white light into the wound. I then saw that Archangel Raphael had taken the dagger into the light and healed the wound. Minutes later the client was astounded to find the pain and back problems gone. That’s just one of many examples, but however I do emphasise that I am not a doctor and that you’re fully responsible for your wellbeing. All the answers I give you are from your soul and I can always help remove energetic blockages and problems in the respective areas.

What if you don’t receive an answer from my soul?

In that case I would honestly tell you that as I don’t make up any answers. Not to worry though – should your soul not want to answer a certain question then that’s for a good reason; you may be close to finding out the answer yourself or the knowledge at that point would influence your decisions. Sometimes the soul prefers for the individual to experience certain things before answers are given or simply wants you to get the answer yourself. Trust that your soul always knows what’s best for you and when it decides not to answer a certain question that it’s for your own good or that it will be answered at a later point in time.

How long does a reading take on average?

It differs individually but speaking from experience a reading takes an hour, often even longer, but it’s entirely up to you how long the reading lasts.

How can I get in touch with you for a reading?

You can contact me via the Contact form on this website, or through my Facebook page.

How much do you charge for a reading?

I have an hourly rate which you can enquire via the Contact form on this website or on Facebook.

How does the payment take place?

You will pay for the first hour of the reading upfront via bank transfer in order to confirm the appointment. Everything beyond that hour will be paid by you after the reading. There is also the possibility for you to pay via Paypal which will require you to pay the additional Paypal fee.

Do you offer gift vouchers for readings?

Yes, you can purchase reading gift vouchers – please contact me to arrange this. Vouchers can be sent after payment by mail (plus delivery charge) or as a pdf email attachment. The voucher can be redeemed within one year of sale with the voucher code and the name of the person on the voucher.