Faery Readings

Do you have a strong connection to nature and the elemental world? Have you always had an interest in the faery realm or taken it up recently? Have you had experiences with them and their world or would you simply like to deepen your connection with them? Then a faery reading might just be what you are looking for.

My strong connection and friendship with the elemental beings and the constant support and advice I receive from the faeries have led me to wishing to share that extraordinary experience and source of knowledge with anyone who has an interest in their connection with us and who likes to find out more about the individual relevance they have for you! 
Apart from that, the faeries have been asking me for a long time now to make myself available for special faery readings as there is much they would like to say to you – so I gladly gave in.

Faeries and all other beings of the elemental world surround us in various ways and most of them are happy to give advice, share their knowledge and let us know about our special bond with them which often traces back to old incarnations. Once a faery friend in a past incarnation, it is very likely you also feel that connection today. Even those who don’t feel drawn to them may just as well play an important role for the fae and vice versa due to karmic connections which can be uncovered.

I will connect and channel the individual faeries and other elemental beings that the client is surrounded by and connected to and pass on their personal message. Energetic work, alignments and creating a new setting on the soul plane is usually part of a faery reading and will be guided through them.

These beings possess a great knowledge of our energetic household, our habits and human mannerisms which often times can go out of balance and cause distress in various areas of our life. It’s remarkable how the beings of elemental world can help us understand our past, present and reveal secrets to us that concern our own development and well-being. Strengthen your relationship with these wondrous nature beings, learn more about your personal connection & receive their advice and message to you. When in doubt, ask the fae!