About Alya

Alya, M.A. (Magistra Artium), is a clairvoyant, clairaudient and empathic medium and soul therapist. In her readings she uses her innate gift in order to aid clients in their personal development and to resolve issues, worries, anxieties, blockages and negativity. She also helps them understand the root of problems and patterns as well as why certain things are happening in their life through direct information from their soul and angels. Through karmic work the origins of any problems – be they matters of love, finances, crises, depression, anxieties or physical issues – can be found and resolved by working on them at their roots on the astral planes, hence bringing about change. Your soul will guide through the reading and give answers and information to important questions concerning your life and path.

Alya offers readings via Skype, E-Mail or phone in English and German. She is also available for workshops, lectures and seminars. Bookings can be made on the Contact page.


Alya’s first contact with the higher realms started in her childhood. Her innate gift of clairvoyance has been running through the female lineage of her family for generations. As a child she was astounded to find the things she would see in dreams manifest in reality but didn’t know what that meant and how to deal with it. So at that time she decided to not give it any attention and carry on with life as normal, but these incidents culminated in her teenage years when she had a colourful and intense dream in which her guardian angel appeared and introduced himself by name. This was soon after followed by another dream that had a profound effect on her: whilst she was roaming through the cosmos God explained the whole universe to her and how everything in it worked and interacted in total perfection. Since that day she knew she would have to take her dreams and the things she saw and sensed seriously and treat them as real messages being conveyed to her.

Alya then started taking up her interest in the super-natural and magic and began reading books on these topics which made her realise how strongly she felt and how deeply she was connected with the realms beyond the veil. The real turning point in this development and a crucial event for her was when she went to her friend’s mother, who just like her friend is a gifted clairvoyant, for a reading and energy clearing. For many years Alya had felt a pressure and emotional heaviness on her heart which she couldn’t explain but the feeling was always there and often turned her into a sad and deeply melancholic person which was the reason why she sought help. Amazingly, after that energy clearing and healing session along with the resolving of the karmic origin of her problem, this energetic and emotional burden she had felt her whole life to that moment was completely gone and never seen or felt again. That day marked the beginning of her new life as a completely new, happy and positive person free from this karmic wound which had held her back for so many years. She suddenly had a clearer connection with the spiritual world and the intensive work with her clairvoyant friend Laila directed Alya towards the spiritual path her soul had intended her to follow.

For many years she was trained in light magic and light work by the spirit world, which made her academic studies seem far less interesting. Alya graduated from the Free University of Berlin and holds the academic degree of Magistra Artium which made her face the decision whether to pursue an academic career or follow the higher calling she had felt for a long time and use her gift to help people and spread the messages she was receiving from the spirit world. A year after that she knew what she truly desired to do and decided for the spiritual path. The sudden out-of-body experiences she started having and travelling on the astral plane amazed her even more and left her awe-stricken and humbled. This training enabled her to fully grasp the connection between unresolved karmic issues and wounds and life as we know it and to successfully resolve these matters hence bringing about profound change, not just on the astral plane but on this plane as well. Over the years Alya has gained a very clear insight and knowledge about the nature of the higher planes, the communication with souls and light beings as well as the mechanisms of past lives, karma, its effect on us and the origins of various blockages, anxieties, soul wounds and patterns that we encounter in life. The peak of her training was undoubtedly reached when she and her dear friend Laila Santini followed the call of the Goddess, mother-of-all, to the holy grounds of Glastonbury/Avalon in 2011 to be initiated by her in a magical nocturnal ceremony as priestesses and receiving her blessings.

Alya is deeply connected with Mother Earth and the higher planes which enables her to connect with the subtle realms and access knowledge and information given to her by beings of these planes. She handles her gift with great care and respect. It is her wish to help people heal and resolve their soul wounds, understand the true reason their lives went a certain way, unveil their own potential, discover their divinity and their innate powers and use them consciously to create the happy life they truly desire and deserve.